Product Profile
Abloy UK Smartair Door Lock

Abloy UK Smartair Door Lock

  • Supplier: Abloy UK
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 01/28/2011
Product Specifications
  • A stand-alone, battery-operated escutcheon that can be installed within a wide variety of locks, Smartair can be used to either create an access-controlled door, or upgrade an existing door into an access control network. With a built-in card reader and a typical battery life of 3 years, Smartair negates the need for a reader, electric lock, accessories and separate power supply to be hard wired to the door - creating a simple and quick to install access control solution.

    Smartair is available in four versions to provide the right specification for any application. Stand Alone, Update On Card, Online, and Wireless all deliver a full upgrade path from one specification level to the next, along with no redundancy of materials. Designed to MIFARE standards, each Smartair system can be installed onto a single door or a fully networked system - and anything in between.

    Stand Alone - Each escutcheon is programmed using a series of programming cards - no other equipment is required. A programming card is used to add and delete user fobs for up to 500 users, and can also be programmed to leave any door in passage (unlocked) mode.

    Update On Card - This system caters for multiple escutcheon-equipped doors or wall readers. A management kit connected to a PC acts as the central point for configuring users and doors. Cards are issued from an encoder unit connected to the PC with a comprehensive audit trail downloaded from any card passed back to the PC. The audit trail of locks can also be downloaded from escutcheons and wall readers using a portable programming unit. This system offers timed controls of locks, permitting individual users to access doors only during certain hours of the day.