Product Profile
Belden Belden BE43769 Data Cable

Belden Belden BE43769 Data Cable

  • Supplier: Belden
  • Region: Singapore
  • Updated: 01/28/2011
Product Specifications
  • Belden BE43769 is a halogen-free Cat 5e Ethernet cable that meets the highest railway industry standards. This highly specialized data cable reliably delivers real time information for operators and passengers, on-board as well as in terminals and control rooms.

    New Belden BE43769 data cables have excellent mechanical resistance and a small bending radius for optimal installation within limited space applications. They can be operated in temperatures ranging between -40°C and +90°C in a variety of applications. Signal integrity is assured through high screen coverage in combination with Belden’s Beldfoil technology. Installation is easy thanks to fast-connect and simple termination. The cables are fully compatible with M12 connectors for field installable or pre-moulded cable assemblies.

    Delivering uncompromising traffic safety as well as the highest availability, Belden railway cable BE43769 is a reliable solution for Ethernet based connectivity, signal transmission, monitoring, recording and control in on-board communications applications.