Product Profile
FreeSpace FS2000 Wireless Bridge

FreeSpace FS2000 Wireless Bridge

  • Supplier: Freespace Networks Limited
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2011/01/27
Product Specifications
  • The FS2000 Wireless Bridge is a ruggedised high performance industrial Point to Point ethernet bridge. The FS2000 unit is our flagship product utilising Freespace Networks’ leading edge wireless platform it is specifically designed for long range high capacity wireless bridging applications.

    The FS2000 is presented in a robust aluminum cast IP67 housing and boasts a fully integrated high power 23dBi antenna and a fully directional pole and wall mounting kit. Complete with FreeSpace Networks’ powerful onboard WEB server and integrated wireless management tools the feature packed FS2000 is simple to use, configure and install.

    Capable of providing a secure, high capacity long range data link of up to 15km as standard and up to 60km with our XR version. The FS2000 supports all 5Ghz license exempt frequencies with operation through a single radio, and has been optimised for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) applications including building to building links for data and voice, wireless ethernet bridges and data back-haul, wireless CCTV applications and network backbone installations.

    * 5.1-5.875 GHz operation, subject to local restrictions
    * Robust aluminum cast IP67 enclosure
    * 23dBi 9° integrated antenna
    * Power over Ethernet as standard
    * Full Duplex 10/100 auto crossover IP67 interface
    * 802.11h (DFS/TPS/Radar Support)
    * 128 Bit AES hardware based encryption
    * WPA & WPA2 as standard
    * Hardware data compression
    * Less than 6W under full load
    * Low Carbon Footprint