Product Profile
infinias Intelli-M Access Version 2.0 Software

infinias Intelli-M Access Version 2.0 Software

  • Supplier: infinias LLC
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 01/24/2011
Product Specifications
  • With an open-ended architecture, events from 3rd party applications, such as video management and elevator control, can be used to trigger actions in Intelli-M Access. New actions can be added to the Rules Engine by 3rd party vendors to trigger actions in their product extending the software to near limitless capabilities. The Rules Engine intelligently manages actionable events on a system wide basis and reinforces infinias' commitment to providing simple, scalable and secure solutions.

    The Intelli-M product line from infinias delivers robust access control over a corporate network using the eIDC, a Power over Ethernet single door controller managed by Intelli-M Access. Intelli-M Access is a browser-based management software that employs a framework which facilitates its scalability to allow you to easily control access for a single door, with the ability to scale up to hundreds of doors across multiple sites.