Product Profile
Omnipresence 3D Pro Design Security Platform

Omnipresence 3D Pro Design Security Platform

  • Supplier: Feeling Software
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 01/21/2011
Product Specifications
  • 1. Optimize Camera PlacementMake each dollar in your security budget count.
    Creating a 3D surveillance plan enables you to get the maximum possible coverage out of your surveillance budget. Optimize camera placement, and visualize the big picture on a 3D map.

    2. Faster Security PlanningYou’re a Savvy Time Saver.
    Cut out the back-and-forth travel to the site when planning where to place cameras. With a 3D map, design the security system from the comfort of your desk.

    3. Fulfill All Design Requirements. And Prove It.
    Seeing is believing. No blind spots allowed in this zone? No single points of failure? No problem. You have 3D visual proof that all design requirements are met.