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COE I-Command SmartDetect Video Analytics

COE I-Command SmartDetect Video Analytics

  • Supplier: COE Limited
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 02/17/2011
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Product Specifications
  • SmartDetect may be purchased embedded in a number of COE's products, or alternative for use as a stand-alone licensed software package. We have already supplied more than 1000 channels of SmartDetect analytics to Seoul Metropolitan Subway Network, South Korea.

     SmartDetect is comprised of three distinct analytics products,  ensuring  a scalable video analytics solution is possible to accomodate any scope and budget. Products in the SmartDetect suite have also received both primary and secondary i-LIDS approval for operational use in sterile zone monitoring applications.

    * Continuous collection and logging of scene metadata for hundreds of cameras simultaneously, with no need to predefine search parameters.
    * Rapid review, scanning days of stored video in seconds to display precise results, eliminating the need for timeconsuming manual search and review of stored video.
    * Statistical analysis for people and vehicle counting.
    * Forensic search, including event or target parameters, including type, size and colour.
    * Motion path analysis with graphical representation of all motion paths in a scene, with immediate access to the video segment relating to each path.
    * Simple export of specific video segments and reports as stand-alone files.