Product Profile
Inovonics EE4232MR EchoStream Multicondition Receiver

Inovonics EE4232MR EchoStream Multicondition Receiver

  • Supplier: Inovonics
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2011/01/14
Product Specifications
  • The EE4232MR EchoStream multicondition receiver was designed with the commercial security market in mind. It supports up to 32 EchoStream transmitters, with 12 relay outputs that can be easily configured in follower, latching, momentary or toggle modes independently. The two line text display indicates the condition of each transmitter, displays the signal strength and provides a log of past events.

    The Inovonics family of receivers offers the ultimate flexibility for creating wireless systems or adding a wireless to an existing installation by supporting both single and multiple condition transmitters. All receivers feature EchoStream technology with diversity reception and advanced signal processing to minimise dead spots and provide superior performance in noisy, crowded wireless environments.