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Micro-Current Wireless PIR Motion Sensor CS-106AW

Micro-Current Wireless PIR Motion Sensor CS-106AW

  • Supplier: Suren Systems Ltd.
  • Region: China
  • Updated: 01/04/2011
Product Specifications
  • Feature:
    The CS-106AW motion sensor is a professional wireless and micro-current detector. It features a high-efficiency spherical lens maximizing optical signal strength and a 122-degree field-of-view lens/detector system alternating polarity for strong signals. The detection function is repeatable, since detection requires consistent signals to cross both thresholds with alternating polarity (+/-) pulses, which is better than many ASIC-based sensors.

    HighBar(tm) provides the best detection and false-alarm reduction. Real pulses are separated from noise because signals are first filtered and then processed. This provides consistent detection sensitivity throughout the monitored area, over the full range of intruder motion speeds. HighBar(tm) detects intruders consistently while rejecting small-signal false alarms.