Product Profile
NEC Integra-ID Automated Fingerprint Identification System

NEC Integra-ID Automated Fingerprint Identification System

  • Supplier: NEC Corporation of America
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 01/03/2011
Product Specifications
  • Key Benefits: 
    * NEC's biometrics algorithms for highest accuracy 
    * A Data eXchange Framework (DXF) that acts as a platform to link disparate applications so information can be shared easily, providing an efficient and collaborative environment
    * An integrated workstation that provides access to all AFIS functions via a unified user interface for greater usability and easier system management
    * A unified database and integrated archive to bridge the gap between identification and investigation, and improve department efficiency
    * NEC's fingerprint/palmprint matcher that includes multiple algorithms to dynamically manage processing of latent, palmprint and tenprint records to increase matching accuracy and speed 
    * Advance image process with improved latent & tenprint enhancement tools
    * Dynamic workflow management allowing workflow changes without system interruption, reducing change orders to save time and money
    * Easy integration with other third-party biometrics matchers and external interface applications such as criminal history systems, records management systems, the FBI system and other agency database systems
    * Solution eliminating the need to purchase proprietary software and hardware
    * Rapid system deployments to save time and money
    * Complete capture-to-booking system, FastID Booking and Release Identification solution, making it a comprehensive one-stop AFIS solution