Product Profile
Oncam IPZoom 360° 5-Megapixel Camera

Oncam IPZoom 360° 5-Megapixel Camera

  • Supplier: Oncam
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 12/22/2010
Product Specifications
  • The Oncam IPZoom 360°, 5-megapixel camera and software, combined with a high-resolution co-located IP PTZ camera, enable security personnel to zero in on a detailed image of a specific “suspicious” person, object or event while an entire area continues to be surveilled. It is scheduled for general availability in the first quarter of 2011 and will be offered in an indoor, covert, conceal-mounting model and an outdoor/indoor IPC67-rated minidome model.

    The IP Zoom camera is the controlling camera in an IPZoom scenario. It identifies, or acquires, suspicious events, such as unusual behavior objects in places they should not be, objects removed or any other changes that could represent threats to an environment.

    Then, a simple point and click of a mouse on the object or area of interest within the panorama or fisheye view “tells” the IP PTZ camera exactly where to pan, tilt and zoom to capture details. The object or persons in question are automatically tracked and interrogated without compromising overall 360° surveillance. Once a threat is verified, an appropriate measured response can be taken.

    Key Features:
    ● Minimum illumination 0.5 lux
    ● Frame rate: 10 fps typical
    ● Users: 20 simultaneous users
    ● Video codecs: H.264, M-JPEG
    ● Ports: RJ-45 for 100Base-TX; 2.1mm DC input jack; three-pin 1.5 mm Phoenix for external I/O