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WESS@: Wireless Surveillance System for Elevators

WESS@: Wireless Surveillance System for Elevators

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    The WESS? family offer a low cost and high performance solution for wireless communication in any elevation system achieving and state of the art connectivity for CCTV cameras and any other analog devices into the market of Safety and Security applications.

    The wireless Surveillance systems are designed to be installed in lifts from older development to enable them to have the facility of monitoring and recording of activities in lift operating in their premises using wireless technology.

    The wireless family (WESS) products for ELEVATOR APPLICATIONS are a group of solutions with IDA approved transmitter and receiver model installed on the base of the lift and receiver installed on the base of motor room. The family can provide solutions for low complexity and low number of floors (25 floors or 75 meters height ) and up to 83 storeys (250 meters equivalent) without any distortion.

    There is an option to incorporate wireless voice / audio feature on the top of video recording feature in this system.

    The family of products WESS? can be divided in 2 different versions for the market surveillance and security:
    ●  WESS-100D: Range up to 100 meters ( or 25 Floors equivalent) and line of sight. (LOS) 
    ●  SmarTRCA-250: Range up to 250 meters (or 83 Floors equivalent) and line of sight. (LOS) Both lines offer an optional features with the choice of two audio channels.

    End to end Solution:
    ● Compact Module with Embedded Integrated high gain Antenna 
    ●  Includes 6 dBi antenna gain 
    ●  Robustness against wireless or 3G Interferences.
    ●  PLUG & PLAY : simple and easy installation (cameras and 12V power connection). Not needed expertise in RF installation.
    ●  Rugged aluminum chassis for Outdoor products with full compliance with IP65 water and dust 
    ●  No installation required approval "by Telecommunications Authorities 
    ●  Allows connectivity up to 16 cameras in the same environment 
    ●  Allows transmission of audio (two channels) and the remote telemetry dome
    ●  Ensure real-time view images Without delay

    Power supply:
    To prevent malfunctions, the team has to feed 12 Vdc stable and low AC ripple. The power indicated RS-25/12-IP is the ideal complement to the series smarTRCA (input voltage 110-240 V). This power is IP-65 specification to operate in bad weather and is available as a complementary option to these products.
    Frecuency band:
    ●  WESS?  products operates in unlicensed bands 
    ●  Wide Range of flexible channels for the frequency band 5725 - 5875 MHz

    Advantages of WESS wireless surveillance solution:
    1. The system is cost effective to implement. The cost of wiring a conventional lift surveillance system exceeds the cost of the whole project.
    2. The system is portable. It can be dismantled and reinstalled in other premises should the end user decide to relocate their office premises.
    3. The system is practically maintenance free and malfunctioned components can be replaced easily
    Dual Diversity System Rx for WESS-250D or Tx for WESS- 250D

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