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4ch/ 8ch/ 16ch Indoor DVR

4ch/ 8ch/ 16ch Indoor DVR

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Product Specifications
  • Optimum utilization of space = (Monitor + DVR body) integrated type, hanging structure

    As demand of security devices, mainly DVR, is spreading from industry to home appliance, by trend of IT, like, technologies of digital multi-media, home network, and security system are becoming to convergence,

    Easy to install, User Interfaced, comfortable, and beautiful shaped and neat design products are now developed.

    Compact DVR is a integrated digital image recording system loaded with high-resolution digital LCD, and doesn’t need to have separate video monitor, totally new-concept product maximizing user convenience.

    Built-in Digital 10.2" Wide LCD Display!

    Wall mountable Design!

    Easy install & Easy use!

    H.264 hardware codec!

    SATA-II HDD install!

    iPhone Support!