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IDTECK MAC 2000 Multimodal Biometric Access Control Solution

IDTECK MAC 2000 Multimodal Biometric Access Control Solution

  • Supplier: IDTECK
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 12/12/2011
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Product Specifications
  • MAC2000's authentication is achieved by implementation of the new advanced facial recognition algorithm patented both in Korea and the U.S. The system allows users to define their own environment settings and system configuration for RF card (or PIN), password entry, and/or biometric (fingerprint/facial) authentication method(s) in any combination.

    The new feature is the live video recording capability that can be used effectively to identify any unregistered or unauthorized person attempting to access the premise.

    MAC2000 also offers more convenience and safety features with the enhanced internal design upgrade including the increased ESD-protection circuit and PoE, making installation a breeze. The proven Windows CE operating system, which reliably utilizes all these bells and whistles with efficacy, further appeals to new users with its pedigree of familiar and friendly user interface.