Product Profile
XID XS PRO-1000 Integrated Access Control

XID XS PRO-1000 Integrated Access Control

  • Supplier: XID Technologies
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 11/10/2010
Product Specifications
  • XID XS PRO-1000 i s a face recognition access control powered by face synthesis technologies from XID Technologies. Using PIN code, card reader and biometric functions, the reader provides multiple accesss for better administration and management.

    The flexible architecture allows for a centralized database, remote configuration management, user administration, verification monitoring and event viewing from clients.

    XID face synthesis technology overcomes poor sensitivity to changing light conditions, changes of facial pose and facial artifacts resulting in high-error rates. From one 2-D image, a multitude of images are automatically synthesized to enrich the reference information available for a facial recognition engine.

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