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AVANTIS AX1 AVAN TOUCH Security Alarm & Home Automation

AVANTIS AX1 AVAN TOUCH Security Alarm & Home Automation

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Product Specifications
  • Basic features of Avantis AX1 Home Security and Automation System:

    a) Avan Touch Keypad

    -Supports up to 8 keypads

    b) Fully Supervised and Programmable Security Zones

    -Supports up to 32 zones

    -Selectable up to 4 partitions

    c) Built-in Communicator

    -Capable of dialing up to 4 Receiver Numbers [pre-programmed CMS]

    d) Built-in Lightning & Power Surge Protection

    e) Dedicated Tamper Port

    -Configurable to NO or NC

    f) Dedicated Siren/Bell/Strobe Light Outputs

    g) Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) & Memory (EEPROM)

    h) Automatic Lockout Capabilities (Installer Code)

    i) Smart Battery Recharging

    j) Backup System

    k) System Trouble Indicators

    ? DC Loss [Backup Battery]

    ? Bell Strobe Siren Loss

    ? External Communication Error

    ? Internal Communication Error

    ? Phone Line Loss

    ? Tamper

    ? AC Loss

    l) Programmable Test Call

    m) Alarm Priority Mode

    n) Quick/One Touch Activation

    -Up to 15 Fast Keys

    o) Multi-Users System

    p) Communication Format

    q) Automated Output Control

    r) Telephone Voice Reporting

    s) Remote Dial in for Programming

    t) Dedicated Key Switch Zone

    u) Data Communication