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Intelligent Video Server BE-IVS 100D

Intelligent Video Server BE-IVS 100D

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Product Specifications
  • The Be-IVS 100d is an intelligentvideo device with built-in self-sustained video analytics. The BE-IVS 100d is ideal for distributed installations where the security cameras are dispersed in multiple locations. The BE-IVS 100d plugs inline and upgrades a common security camera (B/W, color, thermal, and infrared) with powerful indoor and outdoor automated detection and autonomous tracking of intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped vehicles, removed items and more.

    BE-IVS 100D is one video detection channel with 4CIF resolution ?low latency-MPEG-4 audio and video streaming. It is designed to include intelligent video and network video encoder as a whole, operating both as a standalone unit or as part of an integrated network configuration. It supports hybrid for both analog and IP network streaming MPEG-4 architectures. This includes audio, video and indication of the cause of an alarm with an on-screen display.

    It is DSP-based and delivers hybrid connectivity, converting analog audio and video into MPEG-4 streaming multimedia over IP, as well as simultaneously outputting analog video with graphical overlay features. Designed for simplicity, the BE-IVS 100d can be installed and configured within minutes via a built-in HTML Web server that also provides access and viewing over a network through a standard Web browser. It provides better coverage than straight-line detectors or point sensors.