Product Profile
Vigilant Video LineUp Facial Recognition Video Analytics

Vigilant Video LineUp Facial Recognition Video Analytics

  • Supplier: Vigilant Video
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 2010/10/06
Product Specifications
  • LineUp harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to detect and record human faces via video stream.

    LineUp collects face images, detection times and “entire human” (full body) images, then catalogs all human face events into a centralized database. Using the LineUp event search, you can enter a suspect image into the system and instantly search through a time-based history of every possible match.

    ● Intervene immediately during an event 
    ● Focus manpower on analysis and correction, not monitoring 
    ● Detect, classify and search in real-time 
    ● Define trigger alerts based on suspect images 
    ● Capture still images of each object automatically 
    ● Receive real-time alerts via audio alarm, page, SMS, e-mail, etc. 
    ● Query against image and attribute database based on input images 
    ● Receive online summary reports with user-defined filters 
    ● Record and index all video feeds online and offline 
    ● Determine cause of pixel changes (lighting, shadows, rain/snow, wind, etc.)
    ● Search occurrences of suspect image over a period of time from multiple cameras 
    ● View by similarity rate, time order or by camera

    - City Municipalities
    - Casinos
    - High-Security Areas
    - Mass Transit Systems
    - Law Enforcement/Corrections
    - Military Targeting