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Cortex Video Analytics Management System

Cortex Video Analytics Management System

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Product Specifications
  • With the massive deployment of surveillance cameras across multiple sites, Central Management System has become the clear choice for effective control. A Video Analytics Management System facility at the Control Center of the security system saves significant manpower and control-room equipment at the local level. Cortex is the next step up.

    Cortex is an advanced Video Analytics Management System software package that monitors and manages a widely dispersed network of video cameras in real time. It integrates seamlessly with MATE’s video content analysis and transmission products for displaying and reviewing alarm thumbnails. Cortex remotely sets up and controls Behavior Watch, iSense, Access Watch and Trigger devices, as well as performing data mining. The system’s intuitive GUI makes it easy for one operator to check hundreds of remote sites, manage each camera and handle all live video alarms.

    Smart queuing
    Cortex arranges these video alarms in a smart queue according to the event’s importance, preserving full information for each one. It remotely configures and controls multiple Behavior Watch video analysis units for object detection and tracking, object counting, behavior identification and video transmission. Cortex also runs periodic tests of alarm and access control systems.

    Cortex is highly responsive to remote monitoring needs. It incorporates bi-directional audio to assist in managing and guiding local security personnel. It also incorporates an interactive map of each site, which allows the operator to capture images, control cameras and send information with one touch. All these features serve to verify alarms prior to dispatching assistance, thereby reducing or eliminating false alarms.

    Cortex is an integral part of MATE’s Tri-Layered Shield approach. It is scalable to fit security monitoring operations of every size and will handle thousands of sites without missing an alarm. Its efficient use of bandwidth allows it to fit easily within any existing network infrastructure.