Product Profile
Micron Meridian 64

Micron Meridian 64

  • Supplier: Micron Security Products
  • Region: New Zealand
  • Updated: 2010/09/28
Product Specifications
  • Key Features:
    ● TCP/UDP Contact ID protocol (CSV/XML) 
    ● Virtual keypad for installer and end user alarm management 
    ● 16 zones, five outputs, four partitions each with four areas 
    ● Backup telco dialer option 
    ● GPRS/GSM upgrade with text messaging option

    Meridian 64 is a broadband alarm designed to operate with all broadband networks. Communicating in TCP/UDP Contact ID protocol, the Meridian 64 communicates with any IP alarm-enabled central station receiver.

    Meridian 64 expands to 64 inputs and 20 outputs on an Ethernet network and supports EC/CBC encryption. Remote alarm management software is supplied with the Meridian 64 at no additional cost and includes receiver software for testing IP communications.

    To ensure permanent communication on ADSL, cable or fiber networks, the Meridian 64 can reset as well as provide intelligent power backup for any ADSL, cable or fiber optic router.

    Meridian 64 provides eight to 24 hour battery backup to broadband gateways, enabling VoIP phones to operate during a power outage. The alarm can be controlled via the Internet and offers open IP alarm messaging technology using CSV and XML IP ALARM protocols.

    The XML protocol enables central station alarm control via the CMS software interface as well as smart phone alarm programming and management for both the installer and end user.

    The Meridian 64 is an all-in-one, full-function TCP/UDP broadband alarm panel with an RS-485 Bus, optional onboard PSTN, GPRS/GSM module and wireless receiver.

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