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  • Supplier: Keeneo
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 09/24/2010
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Product Specifications
  • SafeZone provides automatic, accurate, real-time detection of human intrusion, pre-defined activities and incidents in a targeted 3D area or zone. Intrusion can be detected with or without a time condition and can be based upon a trajectory. Keeneo's SafeZone 4D analytics software analyzes one or several surveillance scenarios simultaneously.

    SafeZone can identify a human and track their trajectory even if they are sometimes partially hidden, while disregarding interfering object movements. It also compensates for environmental factors such as changing illumination, shadows, clouds and weather events like rain, snow, and wind. Intruders or objects are detected regardless of their position in the 3D surveillance zone. Single or multiple intrusion types or rules can be applied for each camera. Configuration is less than 5 minutes per camera. SafeZone can be used for interior or exterior applications during the day or night using proper supportive cameras.

    Common uses are found at airports, maritime ports, transportation sites, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, power plants, amusement parks, hotels, schools, universities, museums, municipal public areas, homeland security and government facilities.
    Zone Security Applications
    Commn applications:
    * Intrusion
    * Wrong direction
    * Trespassing
    * Loitering
    * Into, out of, across or approaching a target object or zone
    * Proximity to a target object or zone
    * Entering a zone from another zone
    * People remaining in motion over a period of time
    * Tracking the direction or trajectory of people
    * Contacting or climbing onto a target object or zone (Executive Suite model)
    * Piggybacking or tailgating detection (Executive Suite model)
    * Object not moved, abandoned (Executive Suite model)
    * Suspicious civilian activities in public areas (Executive Suite model)