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EFIR 4 System

EFIR 4 System

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Product Specifications
  • The system Efir 4 is developed by R&D team of Technopol Ltd, to be used in building and operation of a modern centralized monitoring center. The communication of the final devices with the center is based on contemporary methods as GPRS and Internet. As a result of the global communication progress, the conventional radionets are being replaced by the new communication methods, developed actively by the mobile operators. The reliability of the GPRS and Internet is almost equal to an own conventional radionet used for security purposes.

    – - two-way connection

    – -uninterruptedness

    – -unlimited quantity and type of information/for security purposes/

    – The system works thanks to the following modules:

    Z1: OP/Cl, Al, AC, Bat, Output /


    Z8 : OP/CL, In1-In8, AC, Bat, Out1, Out2 /


    TTC- Transmits information from the telephone communicator to security central

    The monitoring software and the server are included in the package