Product Profile
S A Secure Automated Sorting System

S A Secure Automated Sorting System

  • Supplier: S A Secure Limited
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2010/10/14
Product Specifications
  • S A Secure supply conveying and sorting systems that demanding library users find easy and convenient to use.

    RFID technology provides the fastest, simplest and most efficient method of identifying, locating and managing media. This technology represents a giant leap forwards in productivity, ease of use for staff and user service. RFID is an important tool for the library of the future. RFID technology is quite straight forward.

    Once the user has placed the media into the return station it is immediately recognised by the intelligent RFID technology and recorded according to the item's status. This may be "back to the shelf", reserved media or a media item belonging to another branch.

    Our sorting systems complete the process by fully automatically sorting your media into various bins. This can be set-up to comply with freely selectable categories that users can easily and individually modify at any time. Our modular, almost silent systems are tailored exactly to your requirements. If desired barcoding methods can also be applied instead of RFID.

    * Inside and outside return stations, including client-specific designs

    * 24-hour availability - flexibility at all times

    * Combination of multiple return stations - depending on your capacity requirements

    * Wall-integrated and/or free-standing systems

    * Visualisation of system status - know what's happening, all the time EM / bar code / RFID - the right technology for every application