Product Profile
brite-View BV-2500 Air HD Wireless Transmission System

brite-View BV-2500 Air HD Wireless Transmission System

  • Supplier: ■ brite-View
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2010/08/13
Product Specifications
  • brite-View BV-2500 Air HD wireless kit is comprised of a transmitter and a receiver, featuring the WHDI technology. The transmitter wirelessly streams uncompressed HD video up to 1080i at 60Hz and 1080p at 24Hz/30Hz and audio from any HD A/V device, to HDTV placed anywhere in the house with a matching receiver.

    The built-in omnidirectional antenna system enables wide-range HD video transmission. It offers wireless connectivity with the quality equivalent of a wired HDMI connection. The HD video transmission even goes through walls, and there is virtually no latency.

    The IR sensor extender cable and IR Blaster extender cable included allow users to place all A/V sources in a separate room from the actual display.

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