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  • Supplier: NeoVSP
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2010/12/05
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Product Specifications
  • OVS is the leading platform for VSaaS and Managed Video as a Service for telecommunication companies, ISPs, Security Service Providers (ARC, CMS) and IT integrators.

    This is a robust and scalable MVaaS platform, that receives IP video feeds from remote locations, stores the video data and streams it to customers who can access their live and recorded video via a web browser, a mobile phone or a signature desktop application (widget).

    For the end users, the platform''s features include Plug & Play capabilities with select camera brands, support for all mobile OS including Android and iPhone, and a highly advanced yet easy to use User Interface.

    Telecom companies enjoy the a lucrative VAS product that is robust, carrier grade infrastructure and a flexible connection via API to billing and CRM.

    Video Security as a Service

    Managed Video





    Carrier grade system