Product Profile
2020 TuchControl

2020 TuchControl

  • Supplier: 2020 Imaging
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2010/07/26
Product Specifications
  • Key Features:
    ● New GUI working on highly intuitive multitouch screen
    ● Allows complex functions to be completed with a touch of the finger
    ● Allows for easy integration into full building management solutions.
    ● Unlimited scalability for enterprise wide operability
    ● Unrivaled ability to collaborate with any resource on the network

    2020 Imaging unveiled a radically new concept in integrated command and control. The system offers a powerful solution for organizations wishing tointegrate building automation and security systems across numerous locations.

    Working with world-class partners, 2020 Imaging designed a new command and control system. Led by a revolutionary new user interface, the system off-loads tasks from the operators — reducing staff levels while making event response easier and more reliable.

    It combines a vastly scalable video management system, video storage (NVRs), HD cameras with built-in video analytics, Microsoft Bing mapping and seamless integration into the Tridium Niagara framework.

    The company also makes its proprietary algorithms available to camera manufacturers on Texas Instruments DS P silicon.

    It enables users to set up and configure analytics using "30-second" setup tools. The analytics are one of the first to comply with ON VIF analytics standards.

    The system has been designed to work on new multitouch screens. It allows for multiple operators to work on the same screen and navigate seamlessly through 3-D environments.

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