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D1 portable mini DVR

D1 portable mini DVR

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Product Specifications
  • This product adopts the advanced H.264/AVC Main Profile video compression. With high resolution and low bit rate, this system can be widely used for collecting evidence and investigation recording It has been used in many covert missions such as: law enforcement, criminal investigation, police technical supportetc.SecuRec-S2 supports dual CCD cameras and TV output. Good video quality ensures that all details of the living scene can be kept, and the four different recording modes ensure the convenience for the users in different situation.

    Main Features:

    ■Advanced H.264/AVC Main Profile video compression

    ■High resolution(full D1 video quality)

    ■Support dual CCD cameras

    ■Low power consumption

    ■Four hours continuous recording time

    ■Micro-SD card with maximal capacity of 32GB

    ■Multiple recording modes

    ■Encryption for anti-falsification

    ■USB interface for power charging and PC connection

    ■RF remote control for recording operation

    ■Flat touch-screen for graceful appearence

    ■Dual power supply to camera

    ■High capacity battery