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Texas Instruments DMVA1

Texas Instruments DMVA1

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Product Specifications
  • The Texas Instruments DM VA1 is the first video security camera SoC with a vision coprocessor for smart analytics. The availability of the DM VA1 network camera SoC that enables full HD resolution now allows for the addition of intelligent video. To date, the development of a video analytics  system has been expensive, challenging and difficult to integrate, but those barriers are being reduced with the DM VA1 SoC from Texas Instruments (TI).

    Specifically targeted at the video surveillance market, the DM VA1 provides entry-level analytics by integrating TI's first-generation vision coprocessor, which allows customers to easily deploy smart analytics functions such as people counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper
    detection and streaming metadata. By coupling the vision coprocessor with smart analytics all on a single chip, customers can reduce the cost of video analytics-enabled network cameras.

    The DM VA1SoC is part of the next class of products in TI's dedicated road map for network camera applications, which will make video analytics a de facto feature in the market and provide more choices to security customers for their designs. To ease implementation and accelerate time-to-market, customers will be able to evaluate the DM VA1 video security c amera S o C by ordering a complete network camera reference design.

    Key Features
    ●300 MHz ARM926EJ-S core
    ●Multicodec support (H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG)
    ●TI's on-chip, fifth generation ISP solution provides video stabilization, face detection,noise filtering, auto white balance, auto focus, auto exposure and edge enhancement
    ●Complete reference design with GUI for simplified design implementations and accelerated time-to-market
    ●Pin-to-pin and software compatible with TI's successful DM36x DaVinci-based platform,thus protecting customer investments