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PCI DVR card GV818E,up to 24 channels

PCI DVR card GV818E,up to 24 channels

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Product Specifications
  • Model: GV 816 E


    Video Channel: 16CH real time Audio Channel: 4 CH

    Resolution:320x240(NTSC) 352x288(PAL)

    Interface: PCI-E

    Image Quality: 10 bit (Super Hi-vision)

    Video Compression: H.264/MPEG-4

    Video Resource: 200fps

    Compression Ratio: 8-150 M/H/C

    Recording Mode: Continue/Move/Alert

    Playback: intelligent search, 16 screens display

    Internet Protocol: TCP/UDP

    Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows Vista


    8 CH full real-time (D1) (704x576); 16 CH real-time (CIF); 4 audio channels

    Support continuous recording, motion detection recording, alert recording and timing recording

    Support 1 to 16 CH play back synchronously; Support advanced calendar backup to display conveniently

    Support backup as AVI format

    Support capture picture, print and backup files at any time

    Support IE browser and client to remote access

    Support 1, 4,8,9,16,32 multi-screen display mode, support to display automatically and alternately

    Multi-HDD loop record automatically

    Resolve dynamic IP problem through setting DVR software; Apply for domain name for free

    Support auto-port mapping (UPNP)

    Intelligent retrieval DVR files, multi-screen playback

    Multi-users system, support permissions manage

    Move detection recording, alert and alarm email message auto-sending with photo attachment

    Support remote monitoring site, remote display, remote recording site, and remote history recording by IE

    Support words and time watermark, unique recording file format (dvf), prevent from editing

    Support PTZ control and preset navigation path

    Support remote PTZ control

    The client program can monitor multiple servers at the same time to be a monitoring center

    Support CMS software for free

    Outstanding Advantage:

    Support up to 24 channels

    Techwell is the newest chipset of ADC version. 10 bits Super Hi-vision

    8 CH full real-time (D1) (704x576)

    Apply for DDNS for free

    Auto-port mapping (UPNP)

    Support CMS for free

    Support clients’ remote recording

    Support remote playback and FF

    Support multi-resolution display (4:3, 16:9)

    Support various compression files, assure quality and save hard disk space

    Optimize compression algorithm, much more vivid playback

    Simple operation (accord with the operation habit of international users)

    Support multi-language

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