Product Profile
Aex VECTUS Network Public Address System

Aex VECTUS Network Public Address System

  • Supplier: Aex System
  • Region: Australia
  • Updated: 03/23/2010
Product Specifications
  • The Aex system uses VECTUSnet protocol to transmit audio, data and video over LAN, WAN or Internet. This system offers flexibility and ease of deployment even with current LAN/WAN infrastructure. Apart from the basic PA/BGM/EVC features, VECTUS offers features such as text streaming allowing text input via a PC or smart phone to be synthesized into voice announcements. The visual paging feature provides the operator a live view of areas for better crowd management. The VECTUS also features a graphic zone selection method allowing selection of paging zones directly from the actual building layout plan. With a software-based time scheduler for prerecorded messages and background music streaming capabilities, the VECTUS is cost-effective and has minimal hardware maintenance. The system allows integration with other building systems such as fire alarm systems, intrusion systems, BMS and flight
    information display systems.