Product Profile
DDC POI-4000 PoE Injector

DDC POI-4000 PoE Injector

  • Supplier: Digital Data Communications
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 03/16/2010
Product Specifications
  • LevelOne''s high-power PoE kit comes to the rescue bringing flexibility and high-power functionality to the network. As a high-power kit, this Power over Ethernet solution provides a whopping 40 W – ideal for flexible placement of large network cameras that require more power than 15.4 W. The POI-4000 injector plugs into the wall and combines data and power (40 W) to be sent over Cat 5 cabling at a distance of 100 meters. When the data power stream reaches the camera, the splitter feeds power to the non-PoE camera via a 12 V DC or 2.5 DA interface. So if users are in need of a simple deployment solution for power-hungry speed dome cameras, the LevelOne high-power PoE kit can provide flexibility and ease of use.

    * 40 W high-power PSE power injector
    * Sends power and data to remote devices
    * DC input: 12 to 20 V DC
    * 100 Mbps data transfer rate
    * No software configuration required