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Metal Shell Standalone Access Controller with Keypad YET-7612

Metal Shell Standalone Access Controller with Keypad YET-7612

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Product Specifications
  • YET-7612 Standalone Door Access Control System with Keypad,Stainless Steel shell

    It is a vandal resistant proximity card and keypad access control unit suitable for external applications. The unit accepts up to users and provides entry via the use of proximity cards and/or pin codes.

    Suitable for small scale area such as small office, family, storage room, passby door etc. Programmed on keypad.


    1.Card capacity: 500 users

    2.Personal password: 500 sets

    3.Working voltage:12-18VDC

    4.Working current: 90mA

    5.Opening Mode: password, card+password, card+card, password+password.

    6.EM card reader inside, reading distance: 65mm

    7.Code keypad inside for 4 number password input

    8.Ring control and alarm for preventing picking lock inside

    9.Optional accessory: Ring and alarm assistance relay output

    10.Dimension: 120*76*27mm

    11.The bell key can change to * key!(optional)