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ST-RV0404M mobile DVR

ST-RV0404M mobile DVR

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Product Specifications
  • Mobile DVR


    ST-RV0404M 4 channel audio/video basic model


    Compact Size: 1 DIN size (standard size of CD player in car), mobile

    industry standard

    Power Adapter: professional mobile-voltage power supplies, with the

    function of over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection,

    short-circuit protection and over-current protection

    High Anti-vibration Design: unique built-in shock absorption in HDD

    box design of the industry, comprehensive program of mechanical shock

    protection, electronic shock absorption and integration of software

    anti-seismic shock patents

    No Fan Design: it effectively eliminates the disadvantage of noise,

    storing dust easily, water penetration, high power consuming, high

    temperature of fan

    Removable HDD: removable and pluggable professional anti-seismic design

    can lock, move, facilitate data management, direct connect to computer

    to operate

    Quick Backup: pluggable hard disk, USB HDD backup, network backup

    Convenient Operation: remote control, mouse, keyboard, PTZ controller

    and use special extension line to do remote operation

    Watermark Technology: it can prevent modifying data and guarantee the

    truth of record

    Wide Range of Information: plate number, time, channel title, alarm,

    GPS info, speed can be set up video overlap and info records

    Powerful Alarm Functions: records, pop up, alarm logs, alarm info and

    various types, including the motion monitoring, video loss, video

    shielding and temperature abnormal, voltage abnormal, over-speed, buzzer


    Dual-backup Feature: SD card dual-backup of video and logs triggered by


    Comprehensive Network Features: dual-network ports, realize dual-stream

    encoding of network self-adapting, continuous transmission after breaking,

    remote video surveillance, downloads, picture snapshots, remote alarm and

    network check, network settings, remote maintenance and other functions


    Model RV0404M


    Main Processor High performance embedded microprocessor

    Operating System Embedded LINUX

    User Interface GUI, on-screen menu tips

    Control Device USB mouse, IR remote control, SAITELL keyboard

    External Interface 2 USB2.0 ports, 2 RS232 ports, RS485 port, 2 RJ45 ports (10/100M), Alarm input and output (4 input and 2 output)

    Storage Device Main memory: removable 2.5" SATA HDD

    Auxiliary memory: Support 2 SD cards

    Backup: USB storage device


    Video Input 4 channel, BNC, 1.0Vp-p, 75?

    Video Output 2 channel TV output, BNC, 1.0Vp- p, 75?

    Video Standards PAL(625Line, 50f/s), NTSC(525Line, 60f/s)

    Real-time Live Display Resolution: D1: 704×576(PAL)/720×480(NTSC)

    Video Compression H.264, Dual streams

    Video Resolution Format NTSC PAL

    CIF 352 X 240 352 X 288

    QCIF 176 X 120 176 X144

    Video Recording CIF/QCIF: PAL 1f/s~25f/s, NTSC 1f/s~30f/s


    Audio Input 4 channel, BNC, 200-2800mV, 20KΩ

    Audio Output 2 channel, BNC, 200-3000mv, 1KΩ

    Audio Out S/N Ratio High than 75dB

    Audio Compression PCM, Sampling frequency: 8KHz, Sampling bits: 16bit

    Wireless Support CDMA/GPRS/EDGE, WLAN

    GPS Optional

    Remote application Real-time monitor, snapshot, recording search, system configuration


    Vibration-proof 5Hz~300Hz: X / Y / Z every direction 8 hours,

    5Hz~11Hz: vibration amplitude 10mm,

    11Hz~300Hz: 50m/s2

    Electromagnetic compatibility GB 13837-2003

    Power Supply +12V / +24V / +42V (+8V~+60V)

    Rated Current ≤1A (including HDD)

    Starting Current ≤1.5A

    Power consumption <15W (including HDD)

    Working Temperature -10℃~+60℃ (general HDD)

    Working Humidity 10%~95%

    Dimension 1DIN: 200mm×178mm×50mm

    Weight 2.1KG(including HDD)