Product Profile
O.D.F. Eye Ball R1

O.D.F. Eye Ball R1

  • Supplier: O.D.F. Optronics
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2009/09/03
Product Specifications
  • With seconds to react, law enforcement officers need a tool that will allow them to see inside a building over a wall or look into a window without taking unnecessary risks that will take a team off the offense and on the defense and nursing one of their own. They need what the military refers to as "actionable intelligence." The faster law enforcement officials can gain real-time intelligence, the faster they can assess the situation and react with the force necessary.

    Remington Technologies Division offers the Remington Eye Ball R1 tactical, wireless and omni-directional surveillance camera. Developed by O.D.F. Optronics of Tel-Aviv, Israel and marketed and sold in North America by Remington Arms sCompany, this product is aimed for law enforcement.

    It is light-weight at 1.3 pounds and only slightly larger than a baseball. Its hardened, matte black and rubber-like injection-molded body is durable and non-reflective. It has multiply operational platforms for operation. It can be tossed in from a window, rolled from an entrance and lowered from a string or mounted. Some organizations have experimented with attaching the R1 to canine units and remote control cars and robots. For someone with an "outside the box" mentality, there are virtually endless ways to employ this tool.

    * Omnidirectional camera
    * Near IR illumination up to 9 yards
    * Captures video up to 25 yards and audio up to 5 yards
    * Transmits streaming video up to 200 yards from the Eye Ball R1
    * Eye Ball R1 rotates 4 RPM and can be directed toward a specific target, capturing a 55-degree horizontal and 41-degree vertical field of view
    * Operating time: 2 hours