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IDentity Zip Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) System
IDentity Zip Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) System
  • Supplier: Sirit Inc.
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 11/22/2006
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Product Specifications
  • The Sirit IDentity Zip series of automatic vehicle-identification systems provides medium to long-range applications by utilizing the latest technology in radio-frequency identification.

    The key to Sirit''s AVI solution is the transponder (also called a tag or smart label) that is placed on windshields to identify vehicles. As vehicles approach the IDentity Zip antenna, energy from the antenna activates the transponder causing it to transmit identification numbers back to IDentity Zip readers. This information can then be utilized by a number of host systems which interface easily via industry-standard RS-232, RS-485 or Wiegand outputs.

    Fast, highly accurate RFID technology increases vehicle throughput and decreases access times. Vehicles are identified automaticallydrivers need not stop or roll down windows. It also increases security with transponders that cannot be imitated or duplicated and generates value with IDentity Zip systems that handle up to four access points or lanes at one time.