Product Profile
Keeneo SafeZone 4D Intrusion Detection Software

Keeneo SafeZone 4D Intrusion Detection Software

  • Supplier: Keeneo
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 07/06/2009
Product Specifications
  • The SafeZone intrusion detection software is based on a 4D, patented technology, which takes temporal factors into consideration while monitoring scenes in a 3D mode.

    The 3D computation detects any trespassing around the clock without being obstructed by tough environmental conditions. Users can choose three predefined scenarios using preprogrammed cameras, including normal intrusion, intrusion with time and intrusion with trajectory, which potentially reduce false alarm rates.

    The software also supports several operating systems, including Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Linux. It s open protocol allows for easy integration with third-party solutions such as encoders and management software, affording flexibility and accessibility to new or existing surveillance systems.

    * Real-time alerts and decision making
    * Immediate intrusion validation
    * Five-minute, plug-and-play installation
    * Intuitive and ergonomic operation