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IntelligentVideo Real-time Digital Video Content Analysis Software
IntelligentVideo Real-time Digital Video Content Analysis Software
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Product Specifications
  • Lenel IntelligentVideo software recognizes, analyzes and classifies objects (information) in live and captured video, extending capabilities of digital-video recording and surveillance by providing intelligence, automation, efficiency and cost savings.

    System operators configure parameters for generic events and Lenel IntelligentVideo sends alarms to Lenel Alarm Monitoring workstations whenever those custom-calibrated events occur. Latest-generation software includes a number of new, important events, including PTZ auto-tracking, which automatically detects and locks on intruders, tracking them and reporting alarms in OnGuard. Meanwhile, the three-dimensional People Counting and Anti-Tailgating event uses stereoscopic vision to accurately monitor flow of people through areas. Object Moves Too Fast event detects any speeding object, such as a person running through an airport terminal or hallway, or a car speeding in a parking lot or on a road.

    Also new is a powerful Facility Utilization application, which integrates People Counting functionality at multiple access points such as gates. The application analyzes data and provides statistical reports on flow of people. Because the Facility Utilization application is integrated into OnGuard, the system generates alarms based on user-defined thresholds for human-traffic flow.

    Productivity enhancements to the software include friendly, semi-automatic calibration for many events, with graphical displays to assist in selecting optimal value for parameter configuration. Automatic focus testing of cameras enables accurately definition of allowable out-ofVfocus camera threshold. The new release also features more robust engines and higher throughput, with processing up to twice as fast as in the previous release.