a&s International #242
Individual Issue Brief
  • Reducing Highway Congestion With Traffic Management Systems P.14
  • Smarter Electronic Toll Collection is Making Highways Flow Better P.23

Stats & Figures
  • Industrial IoT Market to hit US$949.42 billion 2025 P.8
  • North America Home Security System Market to Reach US$14.1 billion by 2024 P.8
  • Fleet Management Market Sees Healthy Growth of Over 10% in Europe and N. America P.9
  • Global Visitor Management System Market to reach US$1.3 billion by 2025 P.9

News Feature
  • Detroit’s NHL Aarena Eensures 24/7 Ssecurity Wwith MediaWall V P.10
  • Luxury Ccondo Rresort Eexpands Mmultii-building Aaccess Ccontrol Wwith Linear P.10
  • LoRa Ttemperature Mmonitoring Ssensors Ssimplifyies Ffood Ssafety Ooperations P.11
  • Sheraton Bucharest Iimplements Mmobile Ccheck-Iin and Gguestroom Eentry P.11
  • Westminster City Sstandardizses on Videalert to Rreduce Ttraffic Vviolations P.11

Products of the Month
  • AI Becoming Integral to Security and Safety P.12

Smart Building & Home
  • Cybersecurity in a Smart Home Is Everyone’s Responsibility P.28

Product Exploration
  • Cameras: the Centerpiece in License Plate Recognition P.36

Special Feature
  • Security in Pharma: What it Takes to Secure the Industry P.44
  • Exploring Business Intelligence Solutions for the Pharma Industry P.51

Smart & Safe City
  • Blockchain Strengthens Data Security and Data Exchange P.56

Industrial IoT
  • Manufacturing Gets Smarter Thanks to IIoT P.60

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