a&s International #232
Individual Issue Brief
Vertical Solution
  • Integration the Remedy for Best Healthcare Security P.14
  • Healthcare Facilities Adopt Security Tech Trends P.20
  • Making Healthcare Facilities More Secure With Biometrics P.24

Products of The Month
  • Outdoor IP Video Intercoms for Commercial Buildings P.8

News Feature
  • Is AI-Powered Video Search Becoming Inevitable to Security P.10
  • How Smart City Projects Help Municipalities Achieve Further Savings P.11
  • Cybersecurity Critical in the Age of IP-Based Access Control P.11
  • Systems Integrators, are You Making the Most of Wireless Access Control? P.12

Product Exploration
  • Smart Facial Recognition Cameras Powered by AI P.28

  • Optimized Chips Push Machine, Deep Learning to New Heights P.38
  • Getting Data and Power Delivered With Transmission P.42

  • Smart City Solutions: Following the Wireless Protocol P.46
  • What’s Cooking in the Smart Traffic Industry? P.50

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