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  • IDTECK Regulates Visitors and Traffic Flows for Ministry of Foreign Affair of Turkey
    Ministry of Foreign Affair of Turkey is located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey and also the second largest city after Istanbul. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of Turkey's foreign affairs as it maintains the consular affairs and foreign practice among international bodies. Over 3,000
    Editor / Provider: IDTECK | Updated: 2009 / 12 / 17
  • ABI Research RFID End User Survey: Nearly Half to Increase Budgets in 2010
    Every year, ABI Research conducts a comprehensive survey of companies currently using, deploying, or piloting/evaluating RFID. This year, more than 115 qualified organizations from across the world responded to ABI Research's annual RFID end user survey.
    Editor / Provider: Source: ABI Research | Updated: 2009 / 12 / 16
  • Global Fashion Group Gerry Weber Chooses Avery Dennison RFID Solution
    Gerry Weber, a fashion and lifestyle company with 338 Houses of Gerry Weber stores and 1,400 shop-in-shop areas throughout the world, will become the first German retail company to roll out RFID technology combining inventory management and loss prevention. Gerry Weber will be using an Avery Denniso
    Editor / Provider: Source: Avery Dennison | Updated: 2009 / 12 / 7
  • ABI Research: RFID Bright Spots to Outpace Overall Market Growth
    Radio frequency identification (RFID) is being used or trialed in a variety of industries. Global economic conditions and business necessities have resulted in mixed outcomes: in some areas RFID still faces challenges, while in others, it is thriving. Early this year, ABI Research identified three o
    Editor / Provider: Source: ABI Research | Updated: 2009 / 11 / 18
  • Synectics Protects Islamic Arts Museum
    Designed by one of the 20th century's most successful architects, the new Islamic Art Museum of Doha represents the first of its kind in the gulf and will become the center of excellence for Islamic culture. As part of the multimillion-dollar construction, the 45,000 square meter museum features the
    Editor / Provider: Source: Synectic Systems | Updated: 2009 / 11 / 16
  • Asia Torn Between Growth and Decline
    Compared to last year's ranking, this year's Asian companies struggled in general. Even though economic indicators portray Asia as the region least affected by the recession, many of the top 25 Asian companies of Security 50 were not immune.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2009 / 11 / 24 provides weekly and monthly e-Newsletters which include the latest security industry news, vertical solution case studies and product information.

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