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  • Norbain appoints Gary Rowden as new divisional director
    Norbain is pleased to announce that it has appointed Gary Rowden as Divisional Director of Sales – South. Gary joins the company with great industry experience, having worked for Anixter International as Sales Director and, more recently, Samsung Techwin Europe as Sales & Marketing Director.
    Editor / Provider: Norbain | Updated: 2013 / 9 / 26
  • Honeywell releases more value with managed access control system
    Honeywell has released the WIN-PAK CS 4.2 managed access control system, which lets security dealers provide a wider range of value-added services to all types of organizations while reducing their installation and service costs.
    Editor / Provider: Honeywell | Updated: 2013 / 9 / 25
  • New shape of Chinese manufacturing
    Hikvision is starting to gain global recognition amongst worldwide buyers. R&D and quality control has laid the foundation for Hikvision's accomplishment. a&s talked to the company for more in-depth understanding toward their internal management.
    Editor / Provider: Jill Lai (Reporting with a&s China) | Updated: 2013 / 9 / 18
  • Chinese manufacturers to improve products’ value
    Manufacturers from China, Korea, and Taiwan each have their strengths in production. However, China is quickly overpowering the rest.
    Editor / Provider: The a&s Editorial Department, a&s International | Updated: 2013 / 9 / 27
  • Thai companies remain positive: Creatus
    A longstanding company, Creatus has been around for 33 years. The company first started as a distributor for office products such as time recorders and paper shredders. Slowly, the company branched out into different industries ranging from banking, IT, to security.
    Editor / Provider: Christine Chien (With reporting by John Shi), a&s Asia | Updated: 2013 / 9 / 20
  • Thai economy uncertain but interests remain
    The Kingdom of Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, right behind Indonesia, and up until now, filled with bright prospects. The country was thrown into an unexpected “recession” after showing signs of slow growth for two quarters in a row in the first half of 2013. The second ha
    Editor / Provider: Christine Chien (with reporting by John Shi), a&s Asia | Updated: 2013 / 10 / 1
  • Data centers: Security without compromise
    Data center demand is expected to continue to increase in the coming years, driving higher data center capacity needs and security requirements at the same time.
    Editor / Provider: Tevin Wang, a&s International | Updated: 2013 / 9 / 19
  • Altronix keeps NYC public school clocks ticking within budget
    As one of the primary system integrators responsible for keeping New York City Public Schools' security and surveillance systems updated and running at peak performance, Kevin Tomlinson, CFO, Champion Alarm Systems, Ltd. of Farmingdale, NY is also responsible for synchronizing the schools' clock sys
    Editor / Provider: Altronix | Updated: 2013 / 9 / 11

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