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  • Verint Wireless Communications Streamline Irish Firefighting
    Fire and rescue crews in Northern Ireland are using a new wireless communications technology from Verint Systems to fight fires more effectively and with less risk to their officers by relaying live video of the event back to a central command and control room.
    Editor / Provider: 802 Global | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 16
  • Savi to Track US Marine Corps Supplies in Afghanistan
    Lockheed Martin's Savi Technology got a US Marine Corps (USMC) order for 50 Portable Deployment Kits (PDKs) to locate, track and manage RFID-tagged supplies anywhere, anytime in support of expeditionary force surges in Afghanistan.
    Editor / Provider: Savi Technology | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 13
  • Delta Scientific Wins $18.7 Million Order for Vehicle Barricades in Afghanistan
    Delta Scientific, a manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the U.S. and internationally, announced its MP5000 and DSC7000 quick-deploy vehicle barricades will soon be used to defend forward operating bases (FOB) in Afghanistan. A national emergency DPAS (defense priority a
    Editor / Provider: Delta Scientific | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 12
  • IMS Research: Russian Surveillance Suppliers Reap Local Profits from Economic Depression
    A new report from IMS Research, “The East Europe and Russian Market for Video Surveillance Equipment,” has found budget-constrained Russian customers are choosing lower-cost surveillance solutions from local suppliers, instead of more costly international brands. However, with the latest data indica
    Editor / Provider: IMS Research | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 11
  • TechRadium Renews Mass Notification Contract for Florida School District
    The Osceola School District decided to renew their contract with TechRadium, a provider of mass notification and information sharing technologies. The school district will extend the use of TechRadium's immediate response information system (IRIS).
    Editor / Provider: TechRadium | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 5
  • Hikvision Megapixel Cameras Pump Up Security at Boston Gas Stations
    Megapixel cameras and video compression cards from Hikvision are being used at petrol stations on a major American motorway, the north-south highway “US Route 1” in Massachusetts. The filling stations are Gulf, Mobil and Shell outlets on Boston's North Shore.
    Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 4
  • Merit LILIN Expands in Europe
    LILIN increased European presence with an expansion in Italy and a distribution agreement with UK network and cabling product distributor, Networks Center.
    Editor / Provider: Merit Lilin | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 3
  • UETS Wins $1.2 Million Smart Card Contract from Iraqi Government
    Net 1 Ueps Technologies announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Net1 Universal Electronic Technological Solutions (UETS), has received an order for a further US$1.2 million Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS)-enabled smart cards. NUETS expects the delivery of these cards to commence towar
    Editor / Provider: Net 1 Ueps Technologies | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 2