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  • Advanced Access Control Helps With Real-Life Management and Processes
    Access control not only monitors the entrance and exit of a facility but ties in closely with payroll and time and attendance, enhancing total people and process management.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by HID Global, Siemens Building Technologies, CEM Systems and UTC Fire & Security | Updated: 2011 / 6 / 1
  • Personnel Tracking of the Week
    ImmerVision, a provider of immersive optical technology and creator of the 360-degree panomorph lens, has entrusted the mission of Director of EMEA Sales and Operations, Video Surveillance Applications, to Charles-Michel Gongora. With 25 years' experience in video surveillance sales and business dev
    Editor / Provider: ImmerVision, UTC Fire & Security, Vicon, BSIA, Samsung Techwin America | Updated: 2011 / 5 / 20
  • Personnel Tracking of the Week
    Americans CNL Software, John Menzel, VP of Marketing CNL Software, a provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, appointed John Menzel as VP of Marketing. Menzel is a well-respected name in the global security industry, with more than fifteen years of senior manag
    Editor / Provider: CNL Software, Cross Match Technologies, Basler Vision Technologies | Updated: 2011 / 5 / 13
  • Security Business:M&A Drivers,Valuation and Investment
    Security in 2010 saw a rebound in activity. Allan McHale, Director of Memoori, delves into key M&A trends and considers what could happen in 2011. This is Part 2 of a two-part series; Part 1 was in our February issue. STRATEGIC DRIVERS In the last two years, M&A activity has been driven by strat
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Memoori Business Intelligence | Updated: 2011 / 5 / 5
  • IndigoVision Goes Open with ONVIF-Conformant Products
    IndigoVision, a manufacturer of IP video security solutions, has released its ONVIF-conformant security management system. This consists of VMS and updates to the company's range of NVRs.
    Editor / Provider: IndigoVisio | Updated: 2011 / 4 / 7
  • Personnel Tracking of the Week
    CNL Software appointed Terry Stutzman, PMP, to Senior Project Manager, CNL Americas. Stutzman is a certified Project Management Professional with more than 15 years of experience. He will oversee all US integration projects for CNL's PSIM system.
    Editor / Provider: CNL Software, IQinVision, Oncam Global, UTC Fire & Security, Protection 1 | Updated: 2011 / 4 / 1
  • Security Business: M&A Drivers, Valuation and Investment---Part II
    Private equity has played a much more passive role in recent years. It has suffered as a result of the financial meltdown and has not been able to recycle through the natural process of initial public offerings (IPO). It is going through a process of restructuring and is redefining investment parame
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Memoori Business Intelligence | Updated: 2011 / 3 / 15
  • Personnel Tracking of the Week
    Infinova, Stephan Cannellos, VP of Strategic Business Development
    Editor / Provider: Infinova, Tri-Ed/Northern Video, Mayflex, Veracity | Updated: 2011 / 3 / 11
  • On the Road with Public Transit Security Ⅱ
    From boarding public transit to reaching one's destination, a great deal can occur. Each step of the way has unique concerns, which must be considered in the system design.
    Editor / Provider: By a&s International | Updated: 2011 / 3 / 8 provides weekly and monthly e-Newsletters which include the latest security industry news, vertical solution case studies and product information.

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