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  • IMS Research: Impact of access control on mechanical locking devices
    The increased popularity of electronic access control systems is contributing to the market growth of electric strikes and electromagnetic locks, each of which is forecast to outperform mechanical locks through 2017. IHS expects from 2012 to 2017, global revenues for electromagnetic locks and electr
    Editor / Provider: IMS Research | Updated: 2014 / 1 / 9
  • IMS Research: Europe to ease restrictions on liquids in carry-on baggage
    Since the 2006 terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives on aircraft bound for the United States; the amount of liquids allowed in carry-on baggage has been restricted to 100ml per passenger. Efforts to ease restrictions on liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) have proven difficult. The European Ci
    Editor / Provider: IMS research | Updated: 2014 / 1 / 7
  • HD-SDI(7): HD-SDI made in Korea, Taiwan and China
    Great numbers of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean companies manufactures HD-SDI solutions. How HD-SDI evolved in these countries and how they position themselves will be discussed
    Editor / Provider: Alf Chang | Updated: 2013 / 12 / 20
  • IMS Research: Pedestrian door manufacturers open up to service contracts
    The automatic door industry has become stagnant in new technological developments. Combined with tough economic conditions and increased competition in developed markets, manufacturers have been forced to find new and creative ways to increase revenues. This has led them to target service contracts.
    Editor / Provider: IMS Research | Updated: 2013 / 12 / 19
  • IMS Research: 2014 trends in video surveillance
    IHS released its fifth annual white paper on the key trends for the video surveillance industry. 2014 is set to be another exciting year for the industry, with big data, thermal cameras, embedded audio capabilities and the rise of the cloud in China just a few of the trends to watch out for during t
    Editor / Provider: IMS Research | Updated: 2013 / 12 / 18
  • IMS Research: School security equipment to surpass $720M by 2014
    IHS estimates the market size for security equipment in schools to reach $634 million in 2013 year and is expected to surpass $720 million by 2014.High-profile shootings partially impact spending for school security. There is usually a spike in spending and budgets following these types of events
    Editor / Provider: IMS Research | Updated: 2013 / 12 / 12
  • IMS: Perimeter security, video in electrical utilities forecast to $160M in 2014
    Most critical infrastructure sites are target applications for electronic perimeter security, electrical utilities and oil refineries are projected to have the most growth opportunity. The global market size for electronic perimeter security sensors and video in electrical utilities and oil refineri
    Editor / Provider: IMS Research | Updated: 2013 / 12 / 9
  • IHS Research: South Africa holds majority of the African video surveillance market
    With a video surveillance equipment market size of approximately $90 million South Africa is the largest country level market in Africa and technologically mature. The data from IHS' recently published report on the African market for video surveillance equipment shows that in 2012 the transition fr
    Editor / Provider: IMS Research | Updated: 2013 / 12 / 5

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