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  • 2020 trends that security professionals should watch for
    There are several key developments that security professionals need to leverage in order to stay ahead of today's ever evolving landscape — ...
    Editor / Provider: Benjamin Low, VP, Asia Pacific, Milestone Systems | Updated: 2020 / 1 / 31
  • How do different access credentials compare
    Needless to say, an access control system contains two core hardware elements, the reader and the credential. Different types of credentials...
    Editor / Provider: William Pao, a&s International | Updated: 2019 / 8 / 21
  • How do mobile credentials work?
    Needless to say, mobile phones are increasingly used as keys to open doors, due to the convenience factor. So how does the mechanism work? H...
    Editor / Provider: William Pao, a&s International | Updated: 2019 / 5 / 21
  • Preventing panic in the high street with Abloy UK
    With large numbers of people around, counter-terror police are providing stores with a security checklist that can be implemented in sixty s...
    Editor / Provider: Abloy UK | Updated: 2018 / 12 / 26