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  • Dahua: The future of education powered by AI
    AI is empowering a new generation of advanced, efficient security systems. In the field of education, AI is also facilitating the digital an...
    Editor / Provider: Dahua Technology | Updated: 2022 / 9 / 26
  • What 2022 have in store for the security industry
    The past couple of years has been undoubtedly challenging for everyone. With the pandemic still looming everywhere, people have somewhat lea...
    Editor / Provider: Dahua Technology | Updated: 2022 / 1 / 24
  • TRENDnet debuts 2.5G unmanaged network switches
    TRENDnet, a global leader in reliable SMB and consumer networking and surveillance solutions, is debuting one of the world's first 2.5G unma...
    Editor / Provider: TRENDnet | Updated: 2021 / 3 / 17
  • Optex reduces false alarms by visual verification
    Optex is aiming to reduce false alarms and give operators better awareness with its visual verification offerings....
    Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom, Freelancer & Jill Lai | Updated: 2020 / 2 / 12