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Key Specifications

Guard Patrol Monitoring System
LED lighting, can be used as a torch at night
USB communication
Guard Touring monitoring

Model. Z-6600

Physical: Metal structure, waterproof, durable, resistant to high and low temperatures.

Read method: Automatic sesors and Non-touch reading of RFID tag.

Storage Capacity: 7200PCS.

Data Safety:Data can be stored for 30 years without power.

LED flashlight function.

Direction: LED flash and vibration.

High speed download: Download all the data only needs 180 seconds.

Certificate: CE, FCC, ROHS

Standardized Accessory: Lithium battery, Communication Cable, Changer, Leather case, Software.

Technical information

Storage Capacity

7200 PCS



Net Weight


Read response


Working temperature

-20°C to 70°C

Working humidity

30% to 95%


900mA chargeable lithium battery

Lighting power consumption



USB cable

Communication baud rate


Software support Language

English, French, Turkish etc.

How to use

Patrol staff in accordance with the patrol route of appointed and took the guard tour system inspection of each tags one by one, the tags reading distance within 3cm and 5cm, when you read tags the guard tour system will prompt as vibrating alert and blue light.

Application field

Manufacturing and Industrial

Warehousing and Distribution

Hospitals and Healthcare

Financial Institutions

Aviation and Maritime

Chemical and Petrochemical

Real Estate and Property Management

Corporate and Office Campuses

Retail and Shopping Centers
ZOOY Z-6600 Stronger lighting guard tour system
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