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10 Reasons Why we need Fingerprint Guard Tour Solutions

The days are over where supervisors keep a manual paper trail of their security guard’s patrol time and information. Few still use spreadsheets to calculate one of the most mundane, yet vitally important aspects of mangers. These antiquated measuring tools cannot prevent issues such as time theft or buddy punching that plagued HR.

Today, more companies want better guard tour solutions to measure actual working hours of their security guards. In this search, they are beginning to find the benefits of using a fingerprint guard tour system.

As a secure alternative to paper time cards and spreadsheets, a fingerprint guard tour system is more than just a wave of the future. Its use of fingerprint recognition is one of the most prevalent forms of this innovative technology. In its simplest form, the scanner reads each guard’s unique fingerprint whenever it is time to check in or out.

Better Tracking, Better Biometric Scanners

With the use of multispectral sensors, our supplier delivers the fingerprint scanners that can cut through grease, dirt, moisture and sweat. This is great news for giant security service companies, for example, where need guards to take a round at work sites. This cutting-edge technology works securely and accurately in real-life.

? Use of algorithms stores fingerprints

? Information is safe from hackers since actual fingerprints are not retrievable

? Periodic downloads of information from reader to the system

How Fingerprint Technology Improves Security Guard Time Management

Because of its capability to recognize unique physiological characteristics, fingerprint technology work perfectly for security guard time management. The increasing popularity of fingerprint based terminals for guard tour system delivers many benefits. Not only can these terminals read fingerprints, but some are also designed to record a person’s location, site photo or events. This ensures every guard checks in for his or her time, not for someone else.

A security guard attempts identification through the fingerprint hardware device. Readers are carried by security guards to execute the inspection tasks. This activates a new comparison scan of available templates to find an exact match. Once a match is found, inspection information for guard is registered.

Companies will decrease overpayments with an increase in accurate absent or cheating records. Time management improves further with increased security, not just among employees, but also for the safety of work sites and valuable company information.

Benefits of Using a Fingerprint Guard Tour System

1: Capture unique biological traits. Fingerprint guard tour system uses technology to detect a person based on their individual makeup.

2: Trust the accuracy of which guard is on the patrol. Biometric physiological attributes cannot be duplicated or forged. Supervisors and managers feel confident that they are tracking each guard’s patrol time and information accurately.

3: Prevent patrol cheating practices. Guard cheating is illegal and has cost many employers millions in financial losses each year. It is easily prevented with fingerprint guard tour system. Because the reader captures each security’s unique traits, a coworker cannot check in or out for another guard by pretending to be that guard.

4: fingerprint scanner eliminates time theft. Companies also lose tremendous amounts of work hours each year because guard’s wasting or absent. Calculating this lost time, and how it impacts the bottom line, is impossible with an old method of managing guard’s time. That problem is gone forever with this guard tour system.

5: Fingerprinting also monitors remote workers. This innovative technology can integrate with mobile devices or the internet. The use of fingerprint enables employers to monitor guards working in remote places, even if they are halfway around the world.

6: Improve guard tour satisfaction. Morale can become damaged when guards give extra time without extra privileges. Supervisors can identify those guards with data from the fingerprint guard tour system. Using the accurate patrol time and information captured, they can reward guards accordingly.

7: Increase productivity. Guards who feel better about their jobs will work better. Antiquated guard tour systems will not accurately track their productivity. Fingerprint removes barriers such as time theft and raises productivity rates.

8: Raise company profits. A direct benefit to raising productivity rates is raising profits. Using fingerprint for guard tour allows companies to attain the highest levels of productivity. Companies no longer lose money to poor tracking and practices. They will see the gains on financial statements.

9: Improve guard accountability for time management with a patrol trail. Data collected with fingerprint guard tour system creates a concrete patrol trail for guard tour records. By improving accountability and responsibility, guards tend to respond differently to how their time is managed at work. The accuracy of identifying who is late, who takes frequent or extended breaks deters those behaviors.

10: Integrate with current systems. The flexibility of a fingerprint guard tour system allows it to work well alone, or with another functional reader.

Fingerprint guard tour systems have arrived at the perfect time to relieve human resource departments, supervisors and managers of the tedious tasks often associated with tracking guards’ patrol times. This technology was designed to specifically track guards based on individual character traits that cannot be duplicated.

The accuracy in fingerprint maximizes productivity and profits, while minimizing labor costs. Guards also realize the benefits of increasing their productivity and accountability. Considering the many benefits to implementing this cost-saving system into the guard tour function, employers have every reason to fully embrace fingerprint guard tour system.

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