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Key Specifications

PR100 is an Ethernet and PoE Extender providing a 10/100m transmission for 100m distance and extend Ethernet connectivity another 100m.

It forwards both Ethernet and PoE for another 100m using a unique power-processing scheme and multiple units can be employed in series for even longer distances.

PR100 itself is powered by a PoE network switch and so requires no separate power connection in the middle of the cable, making it extremely easy to connect and power IP cameras two or three times further than previously possible without going to fiber or installing midspan power sources.

PR100 allows an IP camera to be located 200 meters away from a PoE switch. The switch delivers PoE power over the first 100 meters of Cat5 cable to the PR100, and the PR100 restores the Ethernet signal and forwards remaining PoE power to the camera.

The PR100 presents no restriction to the camera network connection.

Typically, the PoE switch would be confined to a centrally located equipment room, and would connect to several IP cameras distributed about the site. With PR100, each camera may have its own dedicated connection to the switch, and power cable installation to remote switches or cameras is not required.


YODA PR100 PoE  Repeater
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