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Key Specifications

PW541UG is 5p Gigabit Switch with 4p Ultra PoE that each PoE port able to inject 60w power over Cat5e cable for 100 meters.

It is good to support those IP cam with PoE power demand of more than 30w. With easy configuration DIP switch design, PW541UG provides two PoE options: Mode A (PoE via pin 4,5,7,8) or Mode B (PoE via pin 1,2,3,6) for IEEE 802.3at/af PoE Standard, or ultra 60w PoE if both DIP switches are in On position for specific port.

The ultra 60w PoE is working with PoE Extender or Repeater for getting more power for overall PoE power distribution for those PoE IP camera connected.

PW541UG does not require complicate setting and the installation is only plug and play. Its wall-mounted and compact design are popular for installation consideration.


YODA PW541UG 5p Gigabit Switch with 4p Ultra PoE
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