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Key Specifications
Product Features
>An integrated dual-sensor PTZ surveillance camera system.
>Featuring a high definition visible camera and a high-quality motorized zoom(or fixed lens) thermal imager;
>Embedded high temperature alarm module, it can accurately pre-alarm the fire source in time
>Simultaneous side-by-side visible and thermal imaging for true 24/7 day/night performance.
>Integrating these two sensors allows for quick and accurate detection, recognition, and identification of intruders.
>All combined in a rugged IP67 housing constructed of strengthened aluminum with alloy treated anti-corrosive coating.
>360° omnidirectional high-speed PTZ; Positioning precision up to +/-0.05°;
>Wide Voltage Range – Perfect for Mobile applications (12-24V DC )
>Optional wiper;shock absorber,anti-shock;Built-in
>Built-in heater/fan, allows the withstand the harshest climates
>Ideal for perimeter security, homeland defense, and coastal protection. for installation and maintenance;
>Impressive appearance, integrated structural design,easy for installation and maintenance;
Thermal Imaging Vehicle Mounted PTZ Camera Dome Binocular
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